The Property Pain Manager

Taking the Pain from Property Ownership

Are you concerned about how your investment properties are being managed?

Consider using a Property Operations Manager.

Why Use A Property Operations Manager?

Are you getting the most from your Investment Properties? 

It has been my experience that even the most successful Property Investors, Company Directors or Heads of Finance, to name but a few, can’t be in 7 places at once.

Many are frustrated with not having enough time to identify inefficiencies within their portfolio.

They are asking questions such as

  • Are they spending too much money on utilities?
  • Are they being charged in accordance with contracts?
  • Are properties being maintained to a high standard?
  • Are tenants living in a safe property with up to date inspections?

Do any of these concerns impact the day to day decisions you make about your property invesments?

Investing in a Property Operations Manager saves both time and resources that many of my clients just do not have available.

The money they save through making their properties more efficient can then be invested back into their portfolio.

What does it look likE?

Putting It Into Practice

Agent Audit

The vast majority of Letting Agents perform to a very high standard, but it’s always a good idea to check-in with the information they supply.

I provide monthly or quarterly summaries on how things are being managed.

Financial Analysis

It’s important to have a strong understanding of your income and expenditure for each property.

I work with clients to keep them on track, understand where savings can be made or property performance can be improved.


There is more to property investment that reaping the financial rewards.  I keep my clients day to day operations running smoothly.

As an example I check agents have carried out safety inspections at the appropriate times, ensuring you are doing everything possible to keep tenants safe in their home.

How it Works

I’ll walk you through the entire process


Get in Touch

What do you think you need? Let’s chat and discover what you really require. No pressure, just honesty.


Goal & Expectation Setting

Where do you what to be?
Where are you now?


Pain Analysis

What are your main concerns, pressures or priorities?


Positive Outcomes!

I’ll be honest…I can’t work miracles but do have a magic touch!

Who Am I?

I’m Naomi Marriott, a Property Operations Manager. I’m based in Cheshire and support property portfolios across the UK.

Combining my knowledge of residential and commercial finance, HMO and residential lettings, I specialise in property operations management so my clients gain the best investment from their property portfolio.

Over the years, I’ve run multiple successful businesses, so I understand how time pressures can impact your personal goals and objectives.

And if those goals include generating the maximum amount of rental income from the properties in your portfolio, you have two or more HMO properties and are ready to make more from what you already have, download my free guide ‘Taking The Pain From Property Ownership‘ or book in for a non-obligation call.

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